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The aesthetic medicine fact sheet…

Every year, the cosmetic medicine market is growing of more than 10% in France and 20% in Europe. This recent boom is partially linked to patients’ reluctance towards plastic surgery, which fell drastically since 2008. Indeed, nowadays, our clientele often rejects the constraints linked to a heavy surgical Protocol and favors immediate and glowing treatments.
While the nineties were about extravagance, provocation and “bigger is better”, our decade is about well being and natural beauty. Indeed, Today, we came back to more natural aesthetic values and we worship self-care more than ever:
Whereas the past decades celebrated an artificial beauty triggered by media, nowadays, beauty is about sobriety as we prioritize qualitative consumption rather than hyper consumption. Our motor would be: « Less is more ».
This is why aesthetic medicine has been flourishing these last few years. Indeed, this relatively new practice located between spa treatments and surgery allows to conciliate self-care and high speed living. Therefore, an increasing number of men and women easily turn themselves to this kind of medicine without much apprehension.
We are immerged in a culture of service and experience. LAZEO is a unique concept that meets today’s aesthete’s expectations.
This is why LAZEO is your solution and your path to triumph: From an impeccable design to the most innovative soft medical methods: we provide you a turn-key solution to reach success.

Key Figures

To open a LAZEO center, you only need…

  • A 150 m2 platform
  • One to two practicioners
  • Two to three medical assistants

A LAZEO franchise generates…

  • A turnover of 1.300.000 € on the first year
  • Profits of 260.000€ on the first year

Your Lazeo adventure starts here !

We hope that LAZEO has inspired you and that your journey with us has yet to come :
We are more than willing to send you more documentation if desired.

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Becoming a franchisee

Becoming a franchisee

As a LAZEO franchisee you will both benefit from being independent but also from being part of a, well-structured,...
The benefits

The benefits

Marketing ? Training ? Products sourcing ? Don’t worry, we take care of everything.
Key figures

Key figures

A growing market : Take advantage of the recent boom of aesthetic medicine and become a leader in your...
Becoming a franchisee